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KORG BeatBoy Drum Machine Recorder Tuner - Imported from UK
BRAND: Korg Perform backed by 100 full-fledged rhythm patterns Tuner function ensures that your pitch is accurate Overdrive/distortion effect for electric guitar Recorder allows 16-bit/44.1 kHz PCM recording and playback Built-in speaker lets you immediately listen back to recorded sounds...
Rs.30,078 Rs.26,990
FRONTLINE GT- 303 Quartz Guitar Tuner - Imported from UK
BRAND: FRONTLINE MODEL NO: GT-303 More accurate and easy tuning with 7 LEDs display. Easy-to-use for all kinds of guitar. Battery checking function.  Operating in dark end stage. Astonishingly inexpensive.
Rs.5,138 Rs.3,990
Caline Orange Burst Overdrive Pre AMP Pedal - Imported from UK
BRAND: Caline MODEL NO: CP-18 This overdrive pedal contain four knobs - Gain, Treble, Vol, and Bass. Gain allows you to go from a barely noticeable boost to a boost with a hint of fuzz. The Treble and Bass controls...
Rs.11,129 Rs.9,990
Donner Equalizer Pedal 5-band Graphic EQ Guitar Effect Pedal - Imported from UK
BRAND: Donner MODEL NO: EC910 Frequency Centers: 100Hz, 250Hz, 630Hz, 1.6KHz, 4KHz. Volume knob for flexible volume adjustment. +/- 18 dB adjustable gain range per band. Whole Aluminum-alloy classic, stable and strong. True bypass Input: 1/4″Monaural Jack (Impedance: 470K Ohms)...
Rs.8,610 Rs.6,990
Rowin Distortion II Guitar Effect Pedal True Bypass - Imported from UK
BRAND: Rowin MODEL NO: LEF-301B  Distortion pedal with clear sound in small size True bypass Ideal for: Rhytmh and leads in metal and other rock genres 3 Modes: Natural, Tight, ClassicNatural: Natural, organic distortion sound with nice dynamic responseTight: High...
Rs.11,757 Rs.9,990
JOYO JF-33 Analog Delay Guitar Effect Pedal, True Bypass, DC 9V & Battery Supported - Imported from UK
BRAND: JOYO MODEL NO: JF-33 To give you mild and mellow circuit delay. 3 Adjustable Knobs: "Time": Adjust delay times; "Repeat": Adjust delay repeat times; "Mix": Adjust the contrast proportion. With small LED flash indicator shows the working state. Input...
Rs.17,190 Rs.15,290
Donner Mod Square Guitar Effect Modulation Pedal, Chorus Phaser Tremolo Flanger Rotary Vibrato 7 Modulation Modes, True Bypass - Imported from UK
BRAND: Donner MODEL NO: ‎EC964 A digital circuit pedal. 7-Mode Modulation Effects: Chorus A, Chorus B, Phaser, Tremolo, Rotary, Vibrato and Flanger. Digital circuit design, true bypass provide transparent tone. 3 Function Knobs: E.LEVEL, DEPTH and RATE. LEVEL is used to...
Rs.13,909 Rs.12,490
Mosky Dec Buffer Booster Electric Guitar Effect Pedal Mini Single Effect with Clean Boost True Bypass - Imported from UK
BRAND: MOSKY MODEL NO: Dec Material: Zinc-Aluminum Alloy Full metal shell, exquisite and big sound. Single knob control to adjust the degree of booster. Volume =0: clean buffer. volume >0: clean boost. Offering excellent, stable buffering and a fantastic clean...
Rs.10,517 Rs.8,990
Donner Golden Tremolo Guitar Pedal, Analog Tremolo Effect Pedal for Electric Guitar & Bass, True Bypass - Imported from UK
BRAND: Donner MODEL NO: ‎EC887 Golden Tremolo - The Golden Tremolo is inspired by the iconic optical tremolo sound coming from legendary US-style combo amps, giving you a deep, natural, pulsing tremolo sound. Aluminum-Alloy - Whole aluminum-alloy classic, stable and strong...
Rs.10,205 Rs.8,390
Donner Blues Drive Vintage Overdrive Pedal, 2 Modes Tube Screamer Blues Drive Vintage Overdrive Effect True Bypass - Imported from UK
BRAND: Donner 2 Overdrive Modes - Warm: The classic TS overdrive sound replica. Hot: More powerful, a louder, tightened sound. Style-type - Combining iconic vintage tube overdrive sound with wide dynamic range, Donner overdrive pedal gives you a wide tonal...
Rs.16,669 Rs.13,990
Tomsline AT-07 Engineering Pedal Tuner Chromatic for Guitar (6-7 strings) & Bass (4-6 strings) High Definition Color Screen Pitch 430-450Hz 4 Flat Options True Bypass - Imported from UK
BRAND: Tomsline MODEL NO: AROMA AT-07 EASY TO USE UNDER ANY LIGHTING CONDITIONS OR AMBIENT NOISE - High definition 4 colors screen makes the tuner easy to see on a complicated lighting or dark stage. The smart chip inside ensures...
Rs.15,738 Rs.12,590
Aural Dream Listen Reverb Guitar Effects Pedal, 8 Reverb Modes & Predelay Control Including Spring, Plate, Gate, Hall & Reverse Reverb, True Bypass - Imported from UK
BRAND: Aural Dream 8 different Reverb effects including Spring, Plate, Gate, Hall and Reverse Reverb. It features True Bypass, Low noise and Low-power circuits, and can be powered by an external battery. Providing Pre delay adjustment with spatial models to...
Rs.21,806 Rs.16,990
Biyang ToneFancier OD8 Three Chip Tubescreamer Clone Overdrive Pedal, X Drive Distortion Effect Guitar Pedal True Bypass with Pedal Connector - Imported from UK
BRAND: Biyang MODEL NO: OD-8 Seal designed dustproof potentiometer to ensure its life. First-rate electronic components. TRUE BYPASS design. Stainless steel panel, metal shell, luxury and durable Controls: Volume, Tone, Drive. Overdrive mode toggle switch German WIMA capacitors Super bright...
Rs.15,239 Rs.13,890
Caline CP-20 "Crazy Cacti" Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal, True Bypass Aluminum Alloy Pedal - Imported from UK
BRAND: Caline MODEL NO: CP-20 An incredibly diverse overdrive pedal with a boat load of settings. In addition to the 4 knobs (Vol, Tone, Drive and Boost) there are also 2 switches. The first has Comp Cut, FM and Vintage...
Rs.13,837 Rs.12,590
NUX PG-2 Portable Electric Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal Processor with Tuner Metronome Built-in Noise Gate - Imported from UK
BRAND: NUX MODEL NO: PG-2 Two tuning modes (Chromatic, Guitar), flat tuning function Built-in metronome with selectable rhythm patterns 9 user and 9 preset programs AUX IN makes it easy to jam along with an external music-playback device (mp3 player,...
Rs.21,530 Rs.17,990
LEKATO Guitar Wireless System 2.4G Wireless Guitar Transmitter Receiver Set, Built-in Battery, 6 Channels 100ft Wireless System for Electric Guitar Bass (WS10) - Imported from UK
BRAND: LEKATO MODEL NO: M00521 Wireless Freedom: LEKATO Upgraded WS1O 2.4GHz uncompressed wireless signal transmission, low noise and latency, effective range is about 100 feet (30 meters). You are afforded the freedom to roam the stage for a truly dynamic...
Rs.15,365 Rs.10,090
MOSKY AUDIO DC CORE 10 Guitar Effects Pedals Power Supply, Powers Effects Processors For 9V 12V or 18V PEDAL - Imported from UK
BRAND: MOSKY MODEL NO: MPP-02 Guitar effect power supply with 10 isolated outputs: 8 * 9V; 1 * 12V; 1 * 18V. Rugged steel casing, durable and sturdy. Compact and portable design, easy to carry along. Comes with a power...
Rs.10,808 Rs.9,590
JK Mic J 044 Lavalier Lapel Microphone with 3.5mm TRS Connectivity - Imported from UK
BRAND: JK MODEL NO: 044 Perfect addition to your audio equipment collection. Designed with a 3.5mm TRS connectivity, this wired microphone is compatible with most devices. The compact form factor of this microphone makes it easy to use and transport,...
Rs.8,583 Rs.3,490
JK MIC-J 017 Lavalier Lapel Unidirectional Microphone - Imported from UK
BRAND: JK MODEL NO: 017 Professional Vocal Pickup, Pristine Audio Quality, Uni-directional Condenser Microphone. 1/8 Inch (35mm) Locking Screw Plug Compatible with Sennheiser Evolution Series, G2, G3, EWD1, SK D1 / Line 6 X2 Digital Wireless Microphone System. Designed for...
Rs.8,583 Rs.3,490
JK MIC-J 043 Omnidirectional Condenser Lapel Microphone, Lavalier/Recording Microphone (Locking Screw 1/8" Plug) - Imported from UK
BRAND: JK MODEL NO: 043 Sweat and Dust-Proof Made Primarily for Indoor and Outdoor Activities. Professional Vocal Pickup, Pristine Audio Quality, Omni-directional Condenser Microphone. 1/8" TS Mono Plug Compatible with Recording Devices, Laptops, Voice Amplifiers, Desktops, etc. Sensitivity:- 44db±2db Frequency...
Rs.8,583 Rs.3,490
Comica BoomX-D D2 2.4G Wireless Lavalier Microphone System with 2 Transmitter 1 Receiver for DSLR Camera Camcorder Smartphone Interview YouTube Live-stream - Imported from UK
BRAND: Comica  MODEL NO: BoomX-D D2 2.4G Digital Wireless & 2TX + RX Comica BoomX-D wireless mic adopt advanced 2.4G wireless technology, it come with Dual transmitters and one receiver which provide internal and external mic two input modes.Working range up to...
Rs.73,030 Rs.53,990
AGPtek 61 Keys Roll Up Soft Keyboard Piano, MIDI Electronic Portable Keyboard Piano - Imported from UK
BRAND: AGPtek Convenient to store and carry You can play anytime anywhere Built-in speaker, chargeable with battery 100 different rhythm section 128 different tones 40 demo-play Great for beginners who wants to learn keyboard.
Rs.34,813 Rs.16,790
MOSKY DC5 Multi-Effect Guitar Pedal, 6 in 1 Reverb Modulation Effect Pedal, Delay, Chorus Distortion, Overspeed, Boost, Buffer Full Metal Shell, (Red) - Imported from UK
BRAND: MOSKY MODEL NO: DC5 Delay: Natural sounding delay with the analog direct signal path, and supports dry/wet signal ratio (Level), delay feedback (Repeat) and delay time (Delay) controls. Chorus: Premium all-analog circuitry with bucket-brigade line. Rate and Depth knobs...
Rs.42,411 Rs.27,090
TAKSTAR WPM-200 In Ear Stage UHF Wireless Monitor System for Studio Recording / On-Stage Monitoring - Imported from UK
BRAND: TAKSTAR MODEL NO: WPM-200 UHF and PLL synthetic technology provide six selectable channels to achieve stable and reliable monitoring performance Powered by two AA batteries, low power consumption design for long operation time up to 30 hours Dynamic expansion circuitry...
Rs.38,263 Rs.23,990

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