CONTEC Portable ECG/EKG Monitor, PC Software Electrocardiogram Cloud Bluetooth Heart Rate LCD Monitor - Imported from UK
BRAND: CONTEC MODEL NO: PM10 PM10 Portable ECG Monitor is a device for checking ECG, which is applicable for family and individual user, it is a good helper to early prevent from cardiovascular diseases and reduce risks. Intelligent design, achieves remote health...
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1byone Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Large Cuff 22cm - 32cm Backlit LCD Digital Display - Imported from UK
BRAND: 1byone MODEL NO: TMB-1585 Irregular Heartbeat Detection & Clinically Tested Accuracy - The machine will alert you if the irregular heartbeat is detected to keep your measurements more accurate. Also Adopt new technology - MWI (measuring while inflating tech)...
Rs.6,900 Rs.5,990
A-Pulse CASPro+ Central Aortic Systolic Pressure Monitoring Device Professional Blood Pressure Monitor - Imported from UK
BRAND: Amazon Made in Singapore The Health STATS A-pulse CASPro is an automatic blood pressure monitor. A world 1st portable CASP measurement device. A-PULSE CASPro is a unique portable system for in-depth analysis of central aortic systolic pressure (CASP) and pulse...
Rs.118,244 Rs.65,990
Clearblue Advanced Fertility Monitor To Test For Ovulation & Pregnancy, 1 Touch Screen Monitor with 2 Test Sticks - Imported from UK
BRAND: Clearblue  Proven to increase the chances of getting pregnant naturally by 89% (1) Tracks 2 key fertility hormones – designed to detect all your fertile days The only monitor you can also use to test for pregnancy Easy to use...
Rs.32,390 Rs.9,590
Clearblue Pregnancy Test Triple Check (Combo Pack 3 strips) - Imported from UK
BRAND: Clearblue (Combo Pack 3 strips) Combo Pack for Great Value and Extra Reassurance: Contains 1 Clearblue Pregnancy Test with Weeks Indicator and 2 Clearblue Ultra Early Pregnancy Tests No Brand is More Accurate: Clearblue is over 99% accurate from the...
Rs.7,355 Rs.5,290
EMAY Bluetooth Portable ECG/EKG Monitor, Records Rhythm & Heart Rate, Gives Instant Detections works with (iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows) Smartphones - Imported from UK
BRAND: EMAY MODEL NO: EMG-20 Personal ECG device that you can carry around in the pocket. Take an 30 seconds' ECG in two hands without wires, cables or gels. Records your ECG and heart rate anytime anywhere. Gives accurate detection instantly...
Rs.39,145 Rs.29,990
Braun iCheck 7 Bluetooth Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor for Easy & Fast Monitoring - Imported from UK
BRAND: Braun MODEL NO: BPW4500 Braun iCheck 7 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor BPW4500 is a blood pressure monitor that enables fast and intelligent monitoring of your cardiovascular health. It very easily displays your blood pressure results and synchronizes them with the Healthy...
Rs.37,442 Rs.24,490
Wellue Duoek™ Portable EKG Monitor / Wellue Heart Monitor, Bluetooth Heart Health Tracker, Hand-held & Wearable Instant EKG Analysis with APP For IOS & Android Phone - Imported from UK
BRAND: ViATOM MODEL NO: ER2 Bluetooth 4.0 Identify Potential Problems Early Arrhythmia  Heart Pause ​ Atrial Fibrillation (AF) Tachycardia & Bradycardia ​ Premature Atrial Contractions (PACs) *Note: All of these are shown as 'Irregular heart beat' Instant EKG analysis, no subscription required Lead...
Rs.40,835 Rs.33,590
EmeTerm Anti-Nausea Relieve Electrode Stimulator Wrist Band, Morning Sickness, Motion Travel Sickness, Vomit Relief, Rechargeable Wrist Bands Without Any Side Effects - Imported from UK
BRAND: EmeTerm 【Safety Approved】 EmeTerm is an FDA-cleared wristband that provides safe and effective physical therapy using electrical stimulation without any drugs, conduction gel, or side effects. 【Effective Sickness Relief】 EmeTerm is indicated to relief nausea, retching, and vomiting caused by motion...
Rs.28,930 Rs.14,990
Wellue Viatom Heart Health Monitor, Professional Holter Recorder with AI-ECG Analysis Report, 24-hours ECG Holter Record - Imported from UK
BRAND: Wellue AI-ECG Analysis - Identify abnormal ECGs like Atrial Fibrillation during normal rhythm using signs invisible to the human eye.  24-Hour ECG/EKG Monitoring - Help to capture heart abnormalities that hard to detect at regular checkups. Real-time ECG Tracking - Support...
Rs.107,323 Rs.66,890
Zupora Ear Camera Ear Wax Removal Kit, 1920P FHD Wireless Ear Otoscope with LED Lights - Imported from UK
BRAND: Zupora MODEL NO: Y9 【1920P HIGH DEFINITION CAMERA】 Equipped with 6 LED lights and 1920P HD camera, the camera lens Optimum focal length is 15~20 millimeter, will illuminate the ear inspection area and capture more realistic images or recorded stunning videos,...
Femometer Basal Body BBT Thermometer, Fertility Monitoring Tracking, Smart High-Precision Thermometer for Ovulation Tracking & Prediction Sync with Femometer APP (Android & iOS) - Imported from UK
BRAND: Femometer MODEL NO: FM-101-BT COLOR: Rose Gold GET PREGNANT EASIER THAN EVER WITH Femometer: Whether you are trying to conceive (TTC), avoid pregnancy naturally, or just want to know your body better, the Femometer with Smart Basal Thermometer does it...
Rs.10,985 Rs.5,990
Wellue BP2 WiFi Smart Blood Pressure Monitor + EKG Device with Large Upper Arm Cuff with Unlimited Data Synced by Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Connects Easily to The APP for iOS & Android - Imported from UK
BRAND: Wellue 2-IN-1 CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH MONITOR: A single machine to check your blood pressure and ECG/EKG. With the 2-in-1 BP monitor, check blood pressure and ECG at home or during a trip. No tube, no wire, no gel required. ADVANCED AVERAGING...
Rs.35,436 Rs.28,590
Wellue Viatom Checkme™ O2 Smart Wrist Pulse Oximeter with Ring Sensor - Imported from UK
BRAND: Wellue Viatom The Multifunctional Checkme O2 is a portable wrist pulse oximeter for long-term measurement of oxygen saturation with integrated SpO2 sleep monitor and pedometer. Pulse oximeter, heart rate monitor and pedometer in one device. Blood oxygen saturation and pulse...
Rs.76,948 Rs.47,990
Wellue Oxylink Wearable Pulse Oximeter, Bluetooth Pulse Meter with Audio Reminder in Free App - Imported from UK
BRAND: Wellue ViATOM MODEL NO: PO1B A fingertip oximeter that fits into everyday use and helps measure oxygen saturation and heart rate. The soft silicone finger casing gives the user an excellent experience.Free App Track SpO2 and Pulse Rate continuously...
Rs.41,872 Rs.26,190
Elvie Pelvic Floor Trainer, Smart Kegel Exerciser Body Safe Muscle Strengthener Equipment - Imported from UK
BRAND: Elvie YOUR MOST PERSONAL TRAINER: Pelvic floor is a powerful set of muscles that play an important role in core stability, bladder control and intimate wellbeing. It’s difficult to work out muscles you can’t see, but Elvie Trainer cuts out all...
Rs.85,225 Rs.42,690
Bellabeat Leaf Bluetooth Health Tracker for Women, World's Smartest Piece of Jewelry - Imported from UK
BRAND: Bellabeat It tracks your steps, distance moved, calories burned, sleep patterns, reproductive health, menstrual cycle, and stress. Sleep: Tracks the quantity and quality of your sleep Splash-proof natural wood & hypoallergenic stainless steel clip Bluetooth 4.1 Activity: Logs your...
Rs.11,690 Rs.4,990
ChoiceMMed Portable Digital Blood Pressure Monitor - Imported from UK
BRAND: ChoiceMMed MODEL NO: BP-10 For measuring an adult's systolic, diastolic blood pressure and heart rate Accurate, even for aged people and people who suffer from glycuresis, hyperlipemia and hypertension. Heartbeat detection and 120 memories recall with date and time...
Rs.7,749 Rs.6,490
Stethoscope Professional Edition 27" Cardiology Medical Stethoscope Tunable Diaphragm (Made in USA) - Imported from UK
MODEL NO: KT-109 COLOR: Blue  Superior acoustics simply by adjusting the pressure on the chest-piece will allow you to effortlessly hear different sounds. Light pressure for low frequency sounds. Firm pressure for high frequency sounds. Tunable diaphragm allows for easier...
Blood Pressure Monitor Fully Automatic Upper Arm - Imported from UK
BRAND: LloydsPharmacy MODEL NO: KD-525 Easy to use Fully automatic inflation and deflation Large easy to read screen Accurate for home use STANDARD cuff size Carry Pouch included Batteries not included Note: Without box
Focus Blood Pressure Monitor with Stethoscope - Imported from UK
BRAND: FOCUS MODEL NO: FC-2494 Single type of Stethoscope 20 to 300 mm HG Gauge Meter Dark Blue Cotton cuffs PVC bladder PVC bulb ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) valve
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Boots Advanced Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with travel bag (Made in Vietnam) - Imported from UK
BRAND: Boots Advanced Blood Pressure Monitor with Travel bag Upper Arm cuff (22-42cm) Battery (4xAA batteries) not included Without box
Rs.15,487 Rs.9,590

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