TACKLIFE 4V Cordless Rotary Tool Kit, 2 Speed Portable Engraving Polishing Grinder with Versatile Accessories, Ideal for DIY, Drilling, Carving, Polishing, Sanding, Grinding - Imported from UK
BRAND: TACKLIFE MODEL NO: RTH30DC Cordless Rotary Tool Kit 4V Power hand tools potable grinder with 31 Accessories and USB Recharging Cable. Ideal for DIY and light duty jobs. Using the multipurpose cutting bit to engrave glass is a great idea...
Rs.11,717 Rs.8,990
DK SONIC 3.2L Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner, 120W Sonic Cleaner with Heater for Jewelry Denture Coins Metal Parts Carburetor Fuel Injector Record Circuit Board Brass etc - Imported from UK
BRAND: DK SONIC MODEL NO: DK-300H Die casting stainless steel tank Industrial grade integrated circuit 20-80ºC temperature range 0-20 minutes /always on working time Dewaxing and degreasing function 28KHz for gross rinse or 40KHz for intensive rinse
Rs.100,502 Rs.69,990
DK SONIC® Digital Stainless Steel Ultrasonic Cleaner 2L with Degas for Cleaning Jewellery Watches Glasses Circuit Boards Print Heads Weapons Tools Parts Carburetor - Imported from UK
BRAND: DK SONIC® MODEL NO: DK-210D Ultrasonic Power: 60W Heating Power: 100W Durable container SUS304, ultrasonic housing, cleaning basket, lid make ultrasonic cleaners more corrosion-resistant. 10 minutes can be increased or decreased by holding "Time +/-"; 10 degrees can be increased...
Rs.70,296 Rs.48,990
Inskam129 Digital Inspection Endoscope Camera with 4.3" Color LCD Screen, 1080P HD Borescope, 8mm Camera, 5m Probe - Imported from UK
BRAND: Inskam MODEL NO: Inskam129 An endoscope with a camera with a diameter of 8 mm, mounted on the end of a flexible cable 5 meters long.  The device is intended for examining the internal cavities of mechanisms and structures, pipelines and...
Rs.13,681 Rs.11,590
YINAMA WiFi Digital Microscope, 50x to 1000x Handheld Magnification Camera, 1080P HD 2.0 MP with 8 LED, Compatible with Android, iOS, iPhone & Windows - Imported from UK
BRAND: YINAMA  Equipped with WIFI hotspot, which can be connected to mobile phones and tablets with iOS/Android system. The microscope also supports a USB interface to connect to a computer. The larger the screen, the better the display and the better...
Rs.22,562 Rs.16,590
Reesibi 12V & 240V Dual Power Tyre Inflator Air Compressor with Digital Pressure Gauges, Car Air Pump with Max 150PSI - Imported from UK
BRAND: Reesibi MODEL NO: 1666 Reesibi Car Tyre Inflator: This car tyre inflator comes with a unique AC/DC dual power supply function, that works with 12V car cigarette light plug as well as 220-240V wall plug for home outlet. The powerful motor...
Rs.28,232 Rs.16,590
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DK SONIC® Digital Stainless Steel Ultrasonic Cleaner 2L with Timer for Denture, Coins, Small Metal Parts, Recording, Circuit Board, Daily Necessities, Lab Tools, etc - Imported from UK
BRAND: DK SONIC® MODEL NO: DK-210s Multiple Cleaning Modes for a Wide Range of Cleaning: Full wave, half wave, leave cleaning modes based on 40KHz ultrasonic frequency make the device applicable for rough surface cleaning and intensive rinsing. In general, the full wave...
Rs.70,296 Rs.45,990
Tacklife 2000W Power Tools Pro-Heat Gun with Adjustable Temperature, for DIY, Stripping Paint, Shrinking PVC & Home Improvement - Imported from UK
BRAND: Tacklife  MODEL NO: HGP73AC  WIDE APPLICATION: The hot gun can be used for stripping paint, bending pipes, lighting charcoal, shrinking PVC, removing rusted bolts, softening caulk around the sink or even bending and molding plastics as well as drying and thawing...
Rs.18,173 Rs.13,190
DK SONIC® Digital Stainless Steel Ultrasonic Cleaner, 900ML 35W for Jewelry, Ring, Eyeglasses, Denture, Watch, Chains, Coins, Metal Parts, Tattoo Equipment, etc - Imported from UK
BRAND: DK SONIC®  MODEL NO: DK-90A Input: AC 200 - 240V ~ 50Hz 42KHz for Intensive Rinse of Complicated Stuffs: Generally, 42KHz ultrasonic frequency can be used to clean stuffs with complicated surfaces, such as blind holes and deep holes etc....
Rs.30,969 Rs.25,990
ETEPON Electric Cordless Rechargeable Screwdriver, 3.6V 1300mAh Li-Ion Battery with 47 Pcs Screw Bits Set & LED Light, USB Charging for Home DIY - Imported from UK
BRAND: ETEPON MODEL NO: NC36 Convenient & Portable - The screwdriver can be in the shape of the straight (90°) and gun (180°), allows to work in different areas; Equipped with a universal flexible shaft that can be removed from any angle....
Rs.14,280 Rs.9,990
Supereyes USB Digital Microscope Magnifier with LED, 2.0MP 1-300X Slide Control Handheld Video Camera - Imported from UK
BRAND: Supereyes MODEL NO: B010 COLOR: Silver EASY CONTROL design Supereys B010 have a real 2MP high quality sensor, and it will provide you outstanding image quality. With Supereyes microscope, you could view and share the small details of a specimen...
Rs.19,829 Rs.11,990
Duratool 400X Digital TV Magnification Magnifier Industrial Microscope - Imported from UK
BRAND: Duratool MODEL NO: BW-908 COLOR: White Resolution: Max Pixel 2M (1600 X 1200) Professional Coms Sensor 400x TV AV  Up to 400X magnification with very bright lighting and able to link up with TV monitor. Suitable for examining skin,...
Rs.14,746 Rs.12,590
Digital USB Microscope Electronic Magnifier 10X-500X with Stand - Imported from UK
BRAND: AjMartPK  Strong Function: 500X USB magnifier, comes with 8 LED light, the illumination of inspection area can be adjusted by the brightness wheel. Capture screenshot and record video of the micro world, this brings clear and stable image when...
Rs.7,245 Rs.4,990
Digital Water Quality Tester, Multifunction 4-in-1 TDS / EC / Salinity / Temperature Water Testing Meter - Imported from UK
BRAND: AjMartPK MODEL NO: S-100 4 IN 1 MULTI FUNCTION: Fast, efficient, accurate, portable test pen that integrates salinity,  EC and temperature measurement to fully meet your measurement needs Cat Toy Roly-Poly Feather. LCD DISPLAY: Large screen easy to read...
Rs.10,477 Rs.8,990
LaserPecker L1 Pro Laser Engraving Machine, 405nm Wavelength Laser Etcher, 0.15mm High Precision Engraver for Felt, Leather, Wood with Auto Focus Stand - Imported from UK
BRAND: LaserPecker MODEL NO: L1 Pro 𝐀𝐓𝐓𝐄𝐍𝐓𝐈𝐎𝐍: 𝐂𝐚𝐧'𝐭 E𝐧𝐠𝐫𝐚𝐯𝐞 𝐌𝐞𝐭𝐚𝐥/𝐒𝐭𝐨𝐧𝐞/𝐏𝐥𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐜 LaserPecker 1 Pro Suit: Added auto-adjusting support stand compared to LP1 Pro Basic. Automatically adjust to enable laser at its optimal focus (7.8") without manual measuring. This stand can be...
Rs.210,700 Rs.195,990
MAXCIO 13A Wi-Fi Smart Socket with Energy Monitoring, app Control and Timer Function, Compatible with Alexa & Google Home, No Hub Required (UK Plug) - Imported from UK
BRAND: MAXCIO MODEL NO: W-UK007S 13A POWER SUPPLY: AC100-240V Voice Control: Control your home appliances with the Wi-Fi mini smart plug by simply giving voice commands to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. It only works on 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network not 5GHz....
Rs.9,426 Rs.6,890
Voilamart Air Brush Paint Spray Booth Kit Pro with Turn Table Powerful Fan for Arts & Craft - Imported from UK
BRAND: Voilamart MODEL NO: HS-E420DCK POWER: DC12V / 25W AIR FLOW: 4m/min  Revolving table turns the object around automatically, and reaches all the areas to be painted. Two layer high density fiberglass filter; 25 watts with 3 cubic meters per...
Rs.73,336 Rs.62,490
Uten Ultrasonic Cleaner, 600ml Ideal for Jewelleries, Medical Equipments, Cartridges, Toners, Dentures, Electronics Parts, Coins, Circuit Board, Tattoo Equipment & Lab Tools etc - Imported from UK
BRAND: Uten MODEL NO: UEA004 Volts: 220v - 40000Hz -35W 600ml Cleaning Stains: The digital ultrasonic cleaner at the frequency of 40,000Hz is harmless to what you clean. Jewelery and watches can be powerfully and delicately cleaned in minutes, without damaging your...
Rs.13,948 Rs.12,790
SYOSIN LED Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight with USB, Super Bright 10000lm, IPX4 Water Resistant, 5 Lighting Modes Zoomable Torch Light, Included 18650 Battery - Imported from UK
BRAND: SYOSIN MODEL NO: XHP70 Material: Aluminum Power Style: Push Button Super Bright & Long-Lasting - Upgraded XHP70 LED Flashlights with High Output of up 10000 Lumen, Large area irradiation and Irradiation distance up to 300 meters. Suitable for camping, hiking, fishing,...
Rs.13,669 Rs.10,590
NEWACALOX USB 5X Magnifier LED Clip Lamp with Adjustable Swivel Arm 3 Color Modes for Reading Repairing Craft & More – Imported from UK
BRAND: NEWACALOX MODEL NO: N-5XS-WE9 Magnifier Lamp with Stepless Dimmable - 3 Color Modes: This Magnifier Lamp has 64 high-brightness LED lamp beads with an up of 960 lumens. It comes with 3 color modes to choose from (white, white warm, warm)....

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