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R&D TC100 Digital Coating Thickness Gauge with LCD Display - Imported from UK
BRAND: R&D MODEL NO: TC100 Automatically Reads Steel & Aluminum - Coating Paint Thickness Gauge Engineered with dual technology, the non-destructive coating thickness tester takes the guesswork out of testing surface coatings by providing automatic recognition for both ferrous and non-ferrous...
Rs.24,077 Rs.15,490
Grain Moisture Meter Digital with Voice, Moisture Tester Hygrometer, Use for Corn, Wheat, Rice, Beans etc - Imported from UK
BRAND: Amazon MODEL NO: JGL-188 Auto Power Off: It will shut off in 15 minutes without any operation. You can choose the grain species by pressing the "Varieties" key. LCD Screen Backlight: You can control the display clearly in a...
Rs.29,077 Rs.25,990
Proster LCD Electronic Protractor 0-225° Digital Angle Finder, 400mm/16" Angle Ruler with Spirit Levels & Backlit LCD Digital Angle Measuring Tool for Roofing Engineering - Imported from UK
BRAND: Proster  MODEL NO: ‎PST079 Angle Finder Protractor - This Protractor Can Quickly Measure the Angle Data. With Horizontal and Vertical Bubble, Help You to Judge Horizontal Vertical or Not. (NOTE: NOT a Digital Level, Data of Digital Level are...
Rs.12,499 Rs.8,990
Kiprim 50m/165ft Laser Distance Meter with 2 Bubble Levels, M/In/Ft Unit Switching, Backlit LCD, 99 Sets Data Storage & Pythagorean Mode, Measure Distance, Area & Volume - Imported from UK
BRAND: Kiprim MODEL NO: LD50 Multifunction Measuring Range: 0.05-50 m. Measurement accuracy: ± 2 mm; Switch between four units with one touch: meter / inch / feet / feet + inch. 6 types of display results: Distance, Area, Volume, Pythagoras...
Rs.13,517 Rs.8,990
HANMATEK LM50 Laser Measuring Device, 165ft/50m Laser Distance Meter with 2 Bubble Levels, Large Backlit LCD - Imported from UK
BRAND: HANMATEK MODEL NO: LM50 HIGH ACCURACY & STABILITY - Using laser precision technology, accuracy up to ±1/16 inch, measurement distance extends up to 196ft/50m; Switchable between Ft / In / M for free adjustment. With unique 2 bubble levels...
Rs.16,123 Rs.11,490
MiLESEEY 120M Digital Laser Distance Meter with Upgraded Electronic Angle Sensor, Accuracy ±2mm, Area, Volume & Pythagorean Measurement, 2" LCD Backlight - Imported from UK
BRAND: MiLESEEY MODEL NO: D5 RELIABLE AND EFFICIENT: Accurately accurate ±0.3° electronic level: ±2mm laser tape measure provides higher accuracy and faster angle measurements. The electronic angle is displayed in real time, it is easier to find the horizontal direction,...
Rs.24,523 Rs.22,990
MiLESEEY 100M Laser Distance Meter With 2 Spirit Level Bubbles, ±2mm Accuracy, 2" LCD Backlight, Pythagorean Mode, Measure Distance, Area/Volume Calculation - Imported from UK
BRAND: MiLESEEY MODEL NO: D5T ±2mm Accurate: MiLESEEY D5T laser measure device equipped with plumb and level vials so that you can make sure you’re taking your measurements on the level, Providing more precise measurement compared to one bubble; Applied...
Rs.20,874 Rs.18,190
THL & INEW 3D 12 Lines Cross Laser Leveler, Green Self-Levelling 3x 360° with Magnetic Wall Mount, IP54 Vertical & Horizontal Laser Line (3 Pieces Battery) - Imported from UK
BRAND: THL & INEW Material: Metal+Plastic Full Layout with Laser Lines 3x 360°: Rotating laser with a horizontal 360° level and two vertical 360° levels, users can cover the floor, walls and ceiling throughout the room. Two vertical lines crossed...
Rs.64,138 Rs.37,590
Firecore F112R Self-Leveling Horizontal/Vertical Cross-Line Laser Leveler with Magnetic Bracket - Imported from UK
BRAND: Firecore MODEL NO: F112R One-button operation to switch three laser-line modes: Level, Plumb and Cross-Line. Professional accuracy, ±1/8-Inch at 30 feet, Class II laser product, Output ≤ 1mW Manual mode, laser beam can be projected at any angle, such...
Rs.22,378 Rs.13,990
Huepar GF360G 3D 12 Lines Green Beam Self-Leveling Laser Leveler, 3x 360° Three-Plane Leveling & Alignment Laser Tool IP54 Shockproof with Magnetic Base & Battery - Imported from UK
BRAND: Huepar MODEL NO: GF360G FULL LAYOUT WITH 3x 360 LINES LASERS: One 360 Degree horizontal and two 360 Degree vertical planes enable users to cover the floor, wall, ceiling all around the room. Two vertical lines cross at 90°angles...
Rs.82,935 Rs.56,690
Huepar 603CG 12 Cross Lines Green Laser Leveler, 3x360 3D Self Leveling with Magnetic Pivoting Base, Pulse Mode, Triple Power Supply, Switchable Vertical/Horizontal Lines - Imported from UK
BRAND: Huepar MODEL NO: 603CG FULLY LAYOUT WITH 3x 360 LINE LASERS: One 360° horizontal and two 360° vertical planes enable users to cover the floor, wall, ceiling all around the room. Two vertical lines cross at 90° angles makes...
Rs.89,020 Rs.55,890
Huepar 16 Lines Self-Leveling Laser Leveler, 4x 360° Cross Line Laser with LCD Screen, 4D Bluetooth Green Beam with Triple Power Supply - Imported from UK
BRAND: Huepar MODEL NO: S04CG Huepar S04CG is a multifunctional 4x360 laser tool with Bluetooth control and OSRAM laser diode for high precision. It offers two 360° horizontal and vertical planes, adjustable visibility, and outdoor pulse mode. Powered by lithium...
Rs.122,353 Rs.75,890
Hti Digital LCD Ultrasonic Thickness Meter Gauge Measuring Tool - Imported from UK
BRAND: Hti MODEL NO: HT-1200 ULTRASONIC THICKNESS METER: This is a type of smart ultrasonic thickness meter and can measure thickness quickly. MEASURING RANGE: The measuring range is 1.2~225mm, can be widely used. WIDE APPLICATIONS: This ultrasonic thickness gauge can be...
Rs.51,679 Rs.38,990
IGERESS Air Quality Monitor, Indoor Air Pollution Detector Meter with Colorful LCD Screen – Imported from UK
BRAND: IGERESS MODEL NO: WP6930S Multifunctional Indoor Air Quality Monitor: This indoor air quality monitor accurately assesses temperature and humidity level, and multiple air quality measurements. Includes concentrations of formaldehyde (HCHO), natural and synthetic volatile organic compounds (TVOC), fine particulate matter...
Rs.41,388 Rs.29,990
Vson Air Quality Monitor, Formaldehyde Detector, Temperature & Humidity Sensor Tester for Detecting - Imported from UK
BRAND: Vson MODEL NO: WP6912 MULTIFUNCTIONAL AIR QUALITY MONITOR: The air quality tester can be used not only to detect formaldehyde in the air, but also to detect TVOC, PM2.5, or even pm10, It has the function of air quality assessment, and the...
Rs.41,388 Rs.29,990
Acctim Delano Radio Controlled Weather Station Alarm Clock with Snooze, Date display, Inside temperature, Humidity display & Weather forecast display - Imported from UK
BRAND: Acctim MODEL NO: 74482 COLOR: White Radio controlled AM PM indicator 12 or 24hr display option Alarm clock with snooze Date display & Inside temperature / Humidity display Weather forecast display Wall or desk mounted
Rs.9,629 Rs.6,490
Mileseey PF260 Golf Rangefinder, Dual Power Supply 600M Laser Rangefinder With Slope Switch & Fast Focus For Hunting Climbing Watching - Imported from UK
BRAND: Mileseey MODEL NO: PF260 Golf Slope with switch function, measuring range as 600m/660yards with accuracy of ±0.55yd. Pin seeker for scanning and flagpole locking easily. Additional functions for PF260: rechargeable with type-C cable, plus vibration and Integrated magnetic design for attachment...
Rs.37,141 Rs.34,190
Aqara Temperature & Humidity Sensor, Aqara Hub & Zigbee Required, for Remote Monitoring & Home Automation, Wireless Thermometer Hygrometer, Compatible with Apple HomeKit, Alexa, Works with IFTTT - Imported from UK
BRAND: Aqara MODEL NO: WSDCGQ1LM NOTES - Aqara Hub is required and sold separately. Requires secure 2.4GHz WiFi network connection. An Aqara Hub can connect up to 32 Aqara devices. Remote Monitoring - When the room temperature reaches above or below a certain threshold,...
Rs.5,888 Rs.3,290
Homtiky Digital Water Test Meter TDS Meter and PH Meter 2 in 1 - Imported from UK
BRAND: Homtiky Digital PH meter with LCD display: This PH meter only takes 5 seconds to know the water quality PH EC TDS and temperature . The lock function of the One-button reading helps lock the reading even if the...
Rs.9,520 Rs.6,490
ThermoPro Indoor Outdoor Thermometer, Wireless Digital Hygrometer, Temperature Humidity Monitor with Touch Screen & Backlight Humidity Indicator - Imported from UK
BRAND: ThermoPro MODEL NO: TP65 Large Backlit Touch Screen: The large 4-inch LCD screen features a backlit touch screen, making the indoor/outdoor weather station easier to read in dim light conditions and very easy to use. Wireless Temperature and Humidity Monitor:...
Rs.12,648 Rs.9,990
BTMETER Industrial Laser Thermometer Gun, Non Contact Pyrometer 30:1 High Temperature Infrared Thermometer Digital IR Temperature Gauge (NOT For Human Temp Test) - Imported from UK
BRAND: BTMETER MODEL: BT-1500 COLOUR: Orange Wider Temperature Range: BT-1500 temperature gun accurately measures temperature from -50°C - 1500°C (-58°F - 2732°F), with an accuracy of +/- 2% at average, which is lower than others, you will get a more accurate measurement with...
Rs.24,754 Rs.19,890
BaLDR Wireless Digital Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer Hygrometer with 3 Sensors, Real-Time Humidity Meter & Temperature Tracker with Touchscreen LCD - Imported from UK
BRAND: BaLDR MODEL NO: B0317T4H4 4 Groups Temperature and Humidity Display - Indoor Temperature Display: -50°F-122°F (-10°C-50°C), Outdoor Temperature Display: -4 °F-122°F (-20°C-50°C). Temperature Accuracy: ± 0.5° C(range 0°C±50°C), Temperature Resolution: 0.1 ° C; Humidity Resolution: 0.1°F(0.1°C). Measures conditions every 30 seconds;...
Rs.16,743 Rs.11,990

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