moleath Air fryer Accessories, XL 9 pcs Set, No-BPA Dishwasher Safe - Imported from UK
BRAND: moleath Family Health - Moleath air fryer accessories are all made of FDA-certified stainless steel and silicone materials, No-BPA, which will not produce harmful substances when heated, ensuring the health of you and your family. Dishwasher Safety - All accessories can...
ProBreeze Air Fryer 4.2L 1400W with Digital Display Timer & Fully Adjustable Temperature Control for Healthy Oil Free & Low Fat Cooking - Imported from UK
BRAND: ProBreeze MODEL NO: AF-01-UK HEALTHY FRYING: The Pro Breeze Digital Air Fryer utilizes a cyclone of rapidly heated air to cook healthy low fat versions of your favorite foods using little to no oil. DIGITAL LED DISPLAY: Select from...
Rs.37,532 Rs.27,990
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